Static Lullaby~

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The evening had been splendid. Being with Eli in such a fashion for all to see, it made Kaelan feel proud and giddy all at the same time. Honestly his eyes had not been able to leave Eli for long. Even when others came to cut in or speak to him, he still had this lingering gaze, whether he was would stare at the author directly or to the side, he was never out of his sight.

Others could sense that the both of them were very happy together and this in turn, made Kaelan’s mood jump up several notches. Momentarily  he parted from Eli to get some punch, it was spiked of course but he would only have his second glass of the evening, something just to keep up the peppy mood when the heat got to him.

Rolling his shoulders, he looked behind him and then forward as he dipped the ladle into the bowl and poured the sweet nectar right into his cup. The moment he did something shook and Kaelan frowned as he swayed on his feet, again, the earth trembled, and before he could do anything, he heard screams echo across the ballroom as the speakers on stage caught on fire. In his surprise he dropped his cup, and walked closer to see what was going on exactly. 

The electrical outlets sparked all around and he furrowed his brows as more lights popped and then his body vanished, right before a few others, he grunted, and reappeared from one of the lights above, just to fall right onto a table. It was then he began to feel dizzy and his body shook as his form wavered again and everyone watching who hadn’t run out yet, looked on in horror as his form flickered again and landed on top of another table.

He was sweating all over, nauseated all of a sudden, his fingers gripped one of the table cloths and his stomach churned, there was something very wrong. Control was limited and he felt like he might vomit, his veins ran hot and his vision doubled, before he rolled onto his feet and stumbled back, undoing his tie as it felt constrictive and letting his blazer fall to the floor.

Looking up he stared across at Eli, horrified at what was happening he pressed a hand to his mouth and then looked across at the punch bowl.


…Shit, shit, shit, someone knew, or at least, they suspected someone had…

…feeling the bitter taste on his tongue, he knew, and turning on his heel, he ran…

everything was fucked. 

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